Saturday, June 2, 2018

Defined Benefit Pensions

11:08 AM


For the section that asks this question:

"Savings in Addition to Employer Plans - Annual Amount Saved in Registered and Non-Registered Assets"

Should I be calculating this as including the amount that goes into the Defined Benefit plan since that reduces the RRSP amount that I can contribute? i.e. the amount here = Defined Benefit + my RRSP contributions + TFSA contributions


You should enter the defined benefit contributions on the Pensions page on the Current Employer Plan tab. The program figures out a pension adjustment that reduces the RRSP room based on the estimated annual accrual calculated for the defined benefit pension.

The amount for this field is any savings for retirement purposes  other than through an employer pension, including Group RRSP, defined benefit, defined contribution.


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