Tuesday, May 22, 2018

11:22 AM


When completing annual updates and considering inflation, is it necessary to increase the income objective, CPP and indexed pensions to the current payment amount?

Considering a joint retirement plan with different time horizons, how are the assets of the person with the shorter time horizon treated?  Are they treated as a spousal roll over or deemed disposed of?

I notice that TFSA assets appear to be disposed of. Is there a way to have them transfer to the survivor?


Assets are rolled over to the spouse if the plan combines the financial information of spouses. If there's life insurance, you can direct it either to the spouse or a beneficiary on the Financial Information page.

First update the date of financial information on the Forecast page. If the income objective is in terms of a dollar amount, the program will project it from the date of financial information to the retirement year, so there's no need to update it.

For the CPP, if you entered a monthly amount, and indexed pensions, you should update it to the current amounts.


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