Thursday, November 10, 2016

Asset allocation and sources of income

4:59 PM


Looking at the Report I have a few questions:

Under Asset Allocation it states “The Investor Profile Questionnaire established that the following portfolio: Security might be the most …”  Do I assume that the RetireWare used a “Security” mix for my investments listed under Finances or will it use the “Selection of Rates in Economic Outlook?”  I deliberately left all RRSPs in the “Finances – Registered Investments – Market Value” as “Cash” so the projected growth would utilize a low return (2.25% as noted on the Assumptions and Disclosures).

Under the “Sources of Retirement Income” it has “yes” next to Personal Residence even though I indicated for both my wife and me “Never” under “Financial Information – Principal Residence – Sell Principal Residence.”  Are the income projections using the value of our personal residence or not?


The calculations use the asset allocation basis selected on the 'Asset Mix for Projections' tab on the 'Options' page. You can select an asset allocation based on one of the profiles, the current asset mix, or your own custom allocation.

Since you selected 'Never', there will be no sale taking place. If you had selected a year for the sale but left the personal residence unselected in 'Sources of Retirement Income', then the funds would not be used for retirement.


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