Thursday, October 13, 2016

Asset mix profiles

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What are the asset mixes used in the historical returns application for conservative, moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive. I an an investment advisor and results are difficult to explain without some specific parameters. I've also found that the more I get into the program, the more questions I have. Is there any documentation dealing with assumptions etc rather than just data input. For example, I have been trying to determine how to input how to max out a TFSA in later years from the sale of a principle residence. Any help is appreciated,


You will find the asset mixes on the Investor Profile tab on the Review page of the RetireWare application. There is also information in the help files.

The software automatically deposits part of the proceeds into a TFSA if there is contributions room, and any excess goes to the non-registered account.

There are a few tutorials you can view on our YouTube page:


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