Thursday, September 29, 2016

Increase in Retirement Expenses

11:42 AM


My client is considering selling her home in a few years (let's say 6 years from now when age 75) and we're projecting till age 90. How do we reflect a increase in her cash needs for the remaining 15 years of her life (75 to 90).

I can see where to sell the home, but where can I input a monthly increase in expenses of $500 per month starting in 6 years from now?


On the Forecast page, you can enter on the 'Retirement Income Target' tab under 'Special Expenses' a periodic expense starting say in 2021, with frequency 1 (meaning once per year) of $6,000.

Alternatively, on the same tab under 'Advanced' you can increase the budget in percentage terms . If you use this approach, determine the percentage that $6,000 per year is to the retirement income goal.


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