Monday, March 11, 2013


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Does this software comply with IIROC Guidelines?


A review of IIROC's Guidance Note 11-0349 "Guidelines for the review, supervision and retention of advertisements, sales literature and correspondence" indicates that it is not in breach of the policy.

However, you may want to ask your compliance department. If you do, give a link to this blog post for background.

What is RetireWare?

RetireWare a Web-based risk management and retirement planning collaborative software for advisors designed to build referral networks using social media.

The software provides an assessment for the main post-retirement risks: market, longevity, inflation, health care costs and early death and others.

It also integrates in the analysis an investor risk profile questionnaire, budget and net worth statement and detailed retirement goal setting.

All results are based on accurate income tax calculations, OAS clawback and income splitting between spouses.

Relevant links on the Website

How it works for advisors:

How it works from the user's point of view and also some information on privacy:

Data security:

Product features for advisors:


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