Monday, November 12, 2012

Variable Rates of Returns

10:49 AM


Does the software have the capability to change projected rates of returns over the course of the calculation. For example, can you put in a return of 2% for say the first 3 years, then increase it to 3% for a few years and then 5% for the remainder?

Will it give me the maximum spending if I want to have 0 left at age 95?


The expected rates of returns are fixed, but you can set an asset mix that changes at retirement or an asset mix moves gradually to a more conservative portfolio over a set number of years.
So, yes the weighted rates of return can change over time, but using a structured approach based on the allocation of your assets to cash, fixed income and equities.

The program does not calculate maximum spending, but you can adjust your income goal and recalculate, until assets are exhausted or nearly exhausted at the desired age.

Please note that you cannot set your own expected rates of returns if you are using the free version.


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