Friday, September 7, 2012

Beta Release

5:21 PM

Upcoming release dates

First, a sincere thank you to all who have expressed interest in our new product.

I think it is breaking new grounds and will help many Canadians prepare for retirement and monitor their finances using modeling tools that value design and sophistication.


Our beta release date of August 31 has come and gone. However, we are in the process of testing all aspects of the application and are very close to a release.

The plan is to start inviting users in the week following September 20. If all goes well, we will have a live date of October 20.

Maintaining full scope

Developing a new software product is a balancing act between project scope, cost and timeline. Many believe only two of these three constraints can ever be met.

Compromising on scope is not an option. Keeping development costs in check is paramount to maintain our price structure and free access to non-professional users.

This leaves timeline as a constraint that is harder to meet. Thanks for your patience.

In the pipeline

For those who registered, watch for an email shortly after September 20 with login access. We will seek your feedback and incorporate popular suggestions in the coming months.


Marc Des Rosiers, FSA, FCIA
Apeiron Software Limited


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