Wednesday, August 6, 2014

RetireWare Versions and Calculations

4:31 PM


1. What is the difference in the level of detail and complexity of analysis in the retirement plans between an individual user and an advisor user besides the number of different plans that can be created?

2. What do you do for tax rates?

3. Can I see reports that separate my registered investment accounts from the margin accounts? Does the margin acct report show the adjusted cost base as well as the projected market value?

4. Can I update the plan annually by entering say December 31st market values?


1. There are three version: individual (DIY), Professional and Collaborative. The retirement plans are identical, only the number of files vary. In addition, you can provide online access to files to clients and prospects.

2. The retirement forecast uses accurate income tax in the calculations.

3. The cash flow for each type of assets is shown separately in detailed tables in the results. The margin account does not show the evolving adjusted cost base (ACB) over the years, but the calculations do take into account the ACB.

4. Yes, you can update the plan using the Update Wizard or accessing the detailed or quick planner at any time. If you don't use the Update Wizard, just ensure you revise the date of calculation to a recent date in the General Information page.


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