Friday, December 21, 2012

Registering for the Free Version?

4:38 PM

If so, you can join my Leader's Group and get access to RetireWare retirement planing software.

My Leader's Group is temporary and will be closed in the fall of 2013. Your account is set up so as to keep your information private and I cannot access it without your permission.

While we build our Leaders directory, you have the option of joining my (temporary) Leader's Group. You can decide later to join another Leader's Group or get the paid version.

If you would prefer not to be in my Leader's Group, send an email to You will then become an unattached user. You can use the retirement index tool and all other stand-alone calculators, but not the RetireWare retirement planning application. The application will only be available to those joining a Leader's Group.

Please note that I do not give financial and retirement planning advice, recommendations or anything to do with investing. I only provide direction on the use of the software.


Marc Des Rosiers, FSA, FCIA


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