Friday, May 18, 2012

RetireWare Desktop Software

9:37 AM

Where's RetireWare?

With recent advances in computing power, security and fast Internet connections, RetireWare is now a SAAS ("Software-as-a-Service") application.
This new version is Web-based and runs inside an Internet browser. The desktop version of RetireWare will no longer be offered for sale.

The new Web-based version includes exciting new features:

Redesigned user interface with dashboards and over 20 charts
  • Easy-to-use file management, in particular if the plan is for both spouses
  • Comprehensive risk analysis
  • Redesigned report
  • Flexible and editable report
  • Transition to Web-Based Version

The new application has a utility for uploading and converting existing RetireWare files to the new system.

Transition rules depend whether you are an individual or professional user.

Individual Users will be provided with a free license for the DIY version until December 31, 2012. Financial Advisors will be provided with a free license for for the professional version until December 31, 2012. Please act on these transition rules soon, as these offers expire October 31, 2012.

Timetable to Launch

The date for RetireWare Beta early access is July 15, 2012.
The new Web-based version of RetireWare will be available September 15, 2012.

What should I do?

Nothing. We will contact you via email with information on how to access the new version in the near future.

Here are a few links on the site for more information:


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