Friday, May 25, 2012

How is Income Tax Taken Into Account?

10:06 AM


I am a little confused on how the software "simulates a tax return". How does this work?


The software simulates a tax return, so for each future year of the illustration of assets and future income, income tax calculations are based on actual tax rules.

Other products usually use a single "marginal tax rate" for simplicity. By using accurate tax calculations, the numbers are more robust and reliable.


  1. 1. To compare income options for an investment of $100K, say GIC @ 4% versus a dividend payment of 4%: i) does the software use a different tax rate for the dividend ? ii) if yes, does the dividend get grossed up?
    2. Are the tax thresholds used in the software those of CRA or are the provincial categories incorporated as well?



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